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This is my first foray into fan fiction for a number of years. (and possibly the first ever serious attempt at writing canon characters).

Author: Space_Wolf
Title: A Hobbit in Ered Luin
Fandom: The Hobbit, LOTR
Characters: Thorin's Company, other dwarves, original characters.
Timeframe: A year or so before the events of The Hobbit

Summary: During a patrol searching for goblins that have been raiding and attacking dwarven and elven settlements in the Blue Mountains, Thorin and his nephews encounter a farm run by a Hobbit family with only one survivor.

Notes: Written in response to the Dear Diary Challenge. The story is split into a diary format, one from the point of view of Hilda Greenhill, the hobbit survivor (and an OC created by me, and a Journal from the point of view of Kili.

The "canon" in the story will be a mixture of Tolkien's work, Peter Jackson's version of the Hobbit, and any other snippets I find relating to official game releases, etc. Any mistakes or misinterpretations of this material are my own (and most likely the result of sloppy researching.)

This story is also being cross-posted to: Tumblr, The Force.net, Archive of Our Own, Dreamwidth, and on my Dead Winter's Night forum.