Please read these rules carefully.

1) You need to be the owner or a moderator of the website in order to submit a website.

2) This directory is for science fiction, fantasy and supernatural sites only. There are only certain types of sites that will be accepted and these are listed on the Accepted Sites page, so please make sure that you check there before you submit your site. Supernatural also includes horror as long as it has a supernatural element to it, such as a fansite for Bram Stoker's Dracula, whereas a fansite for a slasher horror film like Halloween, wouldn't be.

3) As children may visit this site, any sites submitted to the directory must have content that is suitable for viewing by under 18's for the most part. In fact, the only sites that I will accept with adult content will be fan fiction sites and any R rated or NC-17 content should be clearly labeled. However, I do have the right to refuse to add fan fiction sites if I think the content is too extreme.

4) A link back to this website is required, and must be easy to find, for example on a links out page. The link back can either be a working hyperlink/text link or a button/code. You can find a selection of codes on the buttons page.

5) No direct linking! All buttons must be uploaded on to your own server or image hosting account.

6) You are responsible for ensuring that details about your website are correct and are updated on a regular basis. Dead links and links to websites which are no longer a fansite for the original subject will be removed from the directory.

7) Please update your website on a regular basis if you wish to remain listed in the directory. There are too many sites these days which are neglected. However, because I know that webmasters and web-mistresses have busy lives and that maintaining a website isnít always easy when Darth-Real-Life gets in the way, I will remove links that have not been updated for a year rather than just after a couple of months because at this time, Iíll assume that the owner no longer has an interest in running the site or that itís been abandoned. However, you are still welcome to resubmit your site if you resume work on it after the link has been removed. I think this is fair.

I have the right to reject or remove any site that does not confirm to these rules.