1.Please make sure to use the correct size button/banner or it will be resized.

2.Continued posting of wrong sizes will lead to being banned.

3.Wait until your button/banner is pushed off the board before posting again.

4.Make sure your host allows direct linking. You can use a free image hosting company like photobucket if you don't want to use up your bandwidth or if your host does not allow direct linking.

5.The plugboard is for advertising of fanlistings and fanlisting collectives only, and they must be fanlistings and collectives related to Science Fiction and the Supernatural - any misuse will result in banning.

6.One button/banner/link per fanlisting/collective, any more, you will be banned. It is ok if you own more than one fanlisting and want to adverstise them all, as long as they comply with rule 5.

7. I reserve the right to remove any plug for any reason, whether stated here or not.

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