Accepted Sites

The sites that are accepted at Beyond the Stars include:

Fansites - which can include anything from Character Shrines, Shipper Sites and Actor/Actress fansites (as long as they are respectful), Cast sites, Author fansites, etc.

Personal Blogs - such as livejournal, dreamwidth, blogger, tumblr, wordpress, etc, of fans where the discussion or review of Science Fiction, Fantasy and the Supernatural play a huge part in it.

Grpahics Sites - these can include icon sites, screen cap sites, signature sites, pixel doll sites, brushes sites, smilies, web template downloads (NO ANIME/MANGA PLEASE!), desktop wallpaper sites and website background sites which have a huge Science Fiction, Fantasy and the Supernatural content on them. Anime/Manga grpahic sites are not allowed because these are not really classed as being Science Fiction, Fantasy or the Supernatural.


Fanfiction sites

Fan Art

Site Collectives - Collectives for fanlistings, etc, where a significant number of the owned fanlistings are Science Fiction, Fantasy or Supernatural related are allowed.

Artist Sites - for professional and amateur artists who do a lot of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Supernatural Art

Author Sites - for professional authors in the genre (bookshops and publishers sites are not allowed.)


Please note that the directory is not just limited to movies, tv series and comics, I would like to see sites for writers and artists of these genres as well. I may decide to accept sites which aren't covered above, so if you think that I might be interested in adding your site to the directory, but aren't sure which category to put it under, (or if it is not listed...) please contact me.


You will have noticed that I have not mentioned directories, webrings, plugboards and topsites. This is because these sites are designed to direct visitors to new websites. If you own one of these types of sites, then I would consider affiliating with you if your directory, webring, plugboard or topsite covers the Science Ficton, Fantasy and Supernatural genres.

The Plugboard

The plugboard is for fanlistings and fanlisting collectives only. The reason for this is that I didn't want to exclude fanlistings from the directory, but fanlistings also close or change hands so much that it is very difficult to keep up to date with them, so I decided that a plugboard would be a good way of advertising something that moves around so often. FL collectives are a bit more stable, which is why they are allowed in the directory, but can still be transitory.

I am not too fussed about the look of the website, in that it doesn't have to be hand-coded by yourself - freewebs templates, pre-made templates etc are OK. I am more concerned with the content of the site. You also don't need to own your own domain - you can be a free web space account user as well.

Sites not accepted:

Social Network Profiles - Such as Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This is mainly because directory is aimed at sites which are coded/created by the admin and, in the case of twitter in particular, there is little that the person owning the account can do to create a unique feel and look for the site. In the case of twitter, the character count alone would prevent buttons being displayed.