Welcome to the Beyond the Stars Network, a directory for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Supernatural related websites. The Beyond the Stars Network is designed to help webmasters advertise their websites and for visitors to find them. I created it because I found very few directories to help fans find each other's websites and because the ones which I have come across haven't been updated in a very long time when I was moving my websites to a new host.

There used to be a close community of webmasters of fansites and forums years ago, (before the "age" of anti-social er social networking) particularly among the Star Wars fansite community and the purpose of this directory is to renew that kind of community once again.


22 February, 2016
It has been a long time since this was last updated, and I must apologize for that. We had a few problems with money, and as such, I had to put these projects to one side. We are back, now at a new domain, and hopefully we're here to stay this time!
28th April 2013

Introducing the new TopList directory!

15th March 2013

Quite annoyingly, there seems to be a problem with the plugboard because it posted a plug twice, but it wasn't added twice and seems to be quite slow at putting new plugs up. So if there are multiple plugs for the same site over the next few days all but one will be removed when I get around to doing it. (When the site finally allows me to log in, that is....)

19th January 2013

Site Opened!